Emergency Electricians

Electrical emergencies are an inconvenient fact of life in our modern world. If you find yourself in a situation requiring priority service Eastern Melbourne Electricians is here to help.

What to expect

When engaging an electrician a callout fee should be expected. These fees are typically charge to cover your electrician’s travel and the first 30 minutes of service. In an electrical emergency where fast attendance is required you can expect this fee to be higher. Needless to say, the higher callout fee will cover the on-call wages of your electrician after hours, or assist in providing recompense to the interruption to a customer who might already be receiving service.


Callout Fees for Emergency Electricians vary hugely and are affected by things like the day of the week and time of day. You should ensure you are aware of your electricians fee specific to the current time & day.

Speed of Attendance

Once again this can vary hugely, and for good reason. Has there been a recent storm causing a spike in demand? Perhaps your electrical firm already has a unit attending your area or perhaps you’ll be added to the daily schedule. You should ensure you know when to expect assistance.

Further Costs

Generally your emergency call-out fee will cover the first 30 minutes of service with materials and labour thereafter charged in addition. You should ensure you are aware of what any subsequent labour will be charged at.

Follow Up Attendance

What are your electricians intentions in response to your call-out? Have you been provided with a full-repair or has the electrician just made things safe with the prospect of further visit? While this is hard to judge prior to attendance you should ensure you are aware of what has been achieved at the conclusion of your electricians visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do most electricians charge per hour?
According to national averages an electrician will cost you approximately $75-100 an hour with most electricians charging a callout fee (~$90-130) to cover the first half hour of works plus travel before the hourly rate kicks in. In an electrical emergency where fast attendance is required you can expect this fee to be higher, these fees vary significantly.

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