The Most Important Things When Choosing an Electrician

by Dan Thompson – Owner, Eastern Melbourne Electricians

Eastern Melbourne Electricians

Tradesman have an unfortunate reputation, and more unfortunately – it seems it’s well due.

It’s more than “do they take their boots off at the door”, “will they carry themselves with a cheerful demeanour” and, of course, “what is your hourly rate” – I’ve seen what bad business looks like and beyond being unenjoyable on a day to day basis, it’s absolutely counter productive!

In a recent poll we conducted you told us what you expect from your electrician, something well drummed into my team and something I’ve ensured is the Eastern Melbourne Electricians experience since day one.

You absolutely should:

#1 – Expect Quality workmanship

Rushed, unplanned & lazy worksmanship simply does not make the cut. All too often we see not just incredibly unsightly work but down-right dangerous work. There is a right way to do things and we proudly subscribe to that method.

#2 – Expect Honesty

It’s your money, it’s your family home & it’s a pretty basic expectation. From quote, to arrival, to completion, honesty is important.

#3 – Expect Competitive Value

Is there a worse feeling than feeling ripped-off? While quality is always the primary consideration, we are a competitively priced electrical business. Further to that, know that we’re only too happy to offer advice on efficient alternatives where we see them too.

#4 – Expect Reliability

You’d almost be convinced some electricians don’t want your work! You should be able to rely upon your appointment time. We keep our appointments and keep you updated with SMS reminders too! You can even track our electricians as they travel to your job.

#5 – Expect Competence

Rest assured when it comes to working in your home we’re well equiped and experienced. We have the smarts and the proper licensing to tackle the full breadth of electrical (and data, tv, audio, camera, alarms and more) within the home.

We see these as absolute fundamentals and believe these are part-and-parcel as to why we can serve you best.

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