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You Told Us!

When we set out to launch Eastern Melbourne Electricians we wanted to be a better type of electrician. We wanted to be better, but moreover, we knew there was a demand for it.

So, (and try not to be too confused here)… We want to take a moment to tell you, what you told us, YOU want from your electrician.

In September of 2016 we set out to collect your opinions on what you expect from your electrician. The survey we sent out gave us some absolute gold! So for those of you who we spammed with a message presenting our survey, and for those of you who took a minute to let us know your thoughts; thank you, thank you, thank you!

We learnt so much. Details really important to us like how you search for an electrician; where you search, and what keywords you use. But perhaps most importantly, details important to you like what you look for and what you expect from your electrician.

So let’s cut to the chase.
Here’s what YOU look for in an electrician and how we pledge to serve you at Eastern Melbourne Electricians:

No surprises for #1
– You expect Quality workmanship
Great news for us. We promise and expect excellence from ourselves in every interaction we provide at Eastern Melbourne Electricians, from initial communication to the work itself and beyond. Know that we actually enjoy providing good, thorough service.

– You expect Honesty
We were happy to see this rate so highly, and you can safely expect this of us. We only ask that you return the favour.

– You expect Competitive Value
From our pricing to our quality of components, we are regularly assessing our competitiveness and the value of our service well after we leave.

– You expect Reliability
Uncontactable, Unavailable or Late Electricians are not in high demand. Being contactable, prompt and timely are huge priorities for Eastern Melbourne Electricians. We won’t let you down.

– You expect Competence
Rest assured when it comes to working in your home we are well educated. We have the smarts and the proper licensing to tackle the full breadth of electrical (and data, tv, audio, camera, alarms and more) within the home.

While your top 5 ends there rest assured we also highly value prompt and clear communication, efficiency, cleanliness and the testimony of previous work.

Did this survey miss something?
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