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Your local Eastern Melbourne Electrician will carry out an electrical safety check on your rented property to ensure the safety of your tenants and investment

When it comes to the safety of your home, electrical safety checks are paramount. In Eastern Melbourne, our team of expert electricians at Eastern Melbourne Electricians is dedicated to ensuring the electrical well-being of your property. Whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord, understanding the importance and process of rental safety checks in Melbourne is crucial.

Electrical safety checks in Victoria: A legal mandate

The significance of electrical safety checks goes beyond personal choice; it’s embedded in the law, particularly for landlords. In rented properties, these checks are now mandated bi-yearly, aiming to identify and rectify potential hazards arising from DIY repairs or neglect. All Victorian renters have the right to expect bi-yearly inspections and access to the resulting reports.

Why choose Eastern Melbourne Electricians for electrical safety checks in Melbourne?

1. Protect your investment and loved ones
Much like a building inspection, electrical safety checks protect your investment and, more importantly, your family and friends from unseen dangers. Overlooking these inspections is a gamble not worth taking.

2. Obligation-free and affordable
Contrary to common misconceptions, inspections are affordable and obligation-free. Being informed about your property’s electrical health is a no-brainer. Post-inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report with gradings on safety findings and a transparent, obligation-free quotation for any necessary rectifications.

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Consequences of failing to carry out an electrical safety check in Victoria

Inaction can lead to dire consequences, as highlighted in news stories and reports from Energy Safe Victoria. House fires and electrocutions resulting from outdated or poorly maintained electrical installations are avoidable with timely electrical safety checks.

Eastern Melbourne Electricians are your safety advocate

Your local electrician based in Bayswater, utilises specialised tools and expertise for a quick and comprehensive inspection. Photos, explanations, references to the electrical code, gradings, and advice on any defects found are provided promptly. Faults can be fixed on the spot, quoted (obligation-free), or scheduled for repair according to your preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions about rental safety checks in Melbourne

1. How do I know if my house wiring is safe?

Older homes are more likely to have issues due to outdated wiring. Seeking a safety check is essential, especially for older properties with questionable electrical compliance.

2. What is an electrical check?

An electrical safety check ensures your electrical installation is safe and working correctly, providing peace of mind for homeowners and landlords alike.

3. How often should electrical testing be done?

Emergency systems like smoke detectors should be tested every 6 months. General safety checks are recommended on property acquisition, after unexplained faults, and routinely for known hazards.

4. How can I check electrical safety?

Modern circuit breakers with RCDs (Safety Switches) should be tested twice yearly, coinciding with daylight savings. The absence of these switches suggests no protection against electrocution.

5. What happens during an electrical safety check?

A thorough visual inspection of wiring, switches, lights, powerpoints, and specialist measurements are conducted. Additionally, smoke detectors are tested, and expiry dates are verified.

6. How do electricians check wiring?

Electricians use an insulation resistance tester for wiring verification and perform visual inspections in ceilings and subfloors.

For Eastern Melbourne Electricians, electrical safety is not just a service; it’s a commitment to the well-being of your family and home. Choose us for comprehensive electrical safety checks, ensuring a secure and compliant electrical environment for your property.

Prioritise safety with Eastern Melbourne Electricians rental safety checks in Melbourne

The importance of electrical safety checks cannot be overstated, especially in Eastern Melbourne. Eastern Melbourne Electricians stands as your dedicated partner in ensuring the safety and compliance of your property. By adhering to legal mandates for rental properties and extending our services to homeowners, we prioritise your investment, the well-being of your loved ones, and the overall security of your home.

 Don’t let your property be a victim of DIY shortcuts or neglect; take the proactive step of scheduling an electrical safety check with Eastern Melbourne Electricians. Our commitment goes beyond a routine inspection; we also provide you with the knowledge and tools to maintain ongoing electrical safety.

 As you consider the potential consequences of inaction, it becomes evident that an up-to-date and well-maintained electrical installation is a fundamental aspect of a secure home. News stories and reports of preventable incidents underscore the importance of timely checks and the role they play in averting disasters.

 At Eastern Melbourne Electricians, we aim to empower you with information and solutions. Our team employs specialised tools and expertise to conduct comprehensive inspections, offering you not just peace of mind but a tangible plan for any necessary improvements.

 Choose Eastern Melbourne Electricians for your electrical safety checks, where professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to your safety converge. Contact us today on 1800 851 129 to schedule your inspection and take a proactive step towards a secure and compliant electrical environment for your property. Your safety is our priority, and we’re here to ensure your peace of mind, one electrical safety check at a time.

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